Aa - Am
An - Az
Ba - Be
Bi - By
Ca - Ch
Ci - Cz
Da - Dj
Do - El
Em - Fl
Fo - Ga
Ge - Gy
Ha - He
Hi - Hy
Ia - Ju
Ka - Ky
La - Lh
Li - Ly
Ma - Ma
Mc - Mi
Mo - My
Na - Og
Oh - Pa
Pe - Py
Q - Ri
Ro - Sa
Sb - Sl
Sm - Sz
Ta - Us
Va - We
Wh - Zy
Cutting Room Floor

To see your favorite Actor/Actress ANACTAGRAM™ please click on the menu to the left in the appropriate alphabetic range that spans the first two letters of the last name of your chosen actor. Each page contains a block of names. Each of the 30 pages of Cast Members averages 350 actors/actresses per page. We have chosen the block of names basis, as opposed to a lookup for a logical reason. Blocks allow you to simply scan a group of names which should lead to spotting good Anactagrams for names you had not thought of looking up, plus it is obviously much quicker than a series of individual name lookups. 

Currently there are over 11,000 individual actors/actresses included for whom we have derived and published anactagrams. We generally have another 500 a month ready to upload and around another 5,000 scheduled for development and inclusion on this unique site.

Each name listed will usually have from one to three Anactagrams portrayed and more if there are some really good choices. If you don't like the Anactagram for a particular actor, please blame the actor/actress. They chose their name, not us! 

Every effort has been made to avoid disparaging Anactagrams although some are a little tongue-in-cheek but without intending any personal offense to the actor.

We also noticed that the initials "NJ" (New Jersey to us) kept cropping up in quite a few of the anactagrams we produced so we decided to have a running joke in the anactagrams we actually published to the website and include as many of those NJ-inclusive anactagrams as possible - sorry New Jersey!

Sometimes we have had to use out-of-the-ordinary words to get to an Anactagram we can publish so we have included a page where some of those words are defined, not just out of curiosity but also to prove they are real words! To see those definitions, they are listed and defined on the Make-Up? page, which you might like to keep open if you choose to scan the Cast Members pages.

At no time will you find any knowingly offensive words in any Anactagrams which means we believe they can be enjoyed by anyone without restriction. That probably also means we have been overly politically correct too but this is meant as a family-friendly website and will always will be just that.

Quite often, despite all our efforts, an actor/actress simply has a name that does not make a worthwhile Anactagram, by any stretch of the imagination. Just so you know we tried, those rejected actor/actresses, around 1 in 30 of those we derived Anactagrams for, are shown, in alphabetical order, on the Cutting Room Floor.

This website will always be a Work In Process as we develop more and more ANACTAGRAMs, so please come back often to see the latest additions. Hundreds more actors and actresses are added to the database of ANACTAGRAMs continually. If you want to request someone not yet included, contact us - we'll do it immediately.