Aa - Am
An - Az
Ba - Be
Bi - By
Ca - Ch
Ci - Cz
Da - Dj
Do - El
Em - Fl
Fo - Ga
Ge - Gy
Ha - He
Hi - Hy
Ia - Ju
Ka - Ky
La - Lh
Li - Ly
Ma - Ma
Mc - Mi
Mo - My
Na - Og
Oh - Pa
Pe - Py
Q - Ri
Ro - Sa
Sb - Sl
Sm - Sz
Ta - Us
Va - We
Wh - Zy
Cutting Room Floor

James CAANJams an ace.
Scott CAANCan't coast.As contact.So can't act.
Christy CABANNEEarn chancy bits.Has cynic banter.Trenchancy bias.
Bruce CABOTCure bobcat.
Christina CABOTNarcotics habit.Acrobatic hints.Static bronchia.
Chi abstraction.Taoistic branch.No satiric batch.
Obtain scar itch.His intact cobra.Anarchistic bot.
Sebastian CABOTCiao, absent bats.Boasts a cabinet.Basic neat boats.
Boat cabin asset.Abbot ices Satan.Beat satanic sob.
Susan CABOTA cast bonus.As cat bonus.Bans a scout.
Sid CAESARCrass idea.Sad as rice.Cars aside.
As sidecar.Raids aces.
Jean CAFFEINEFace fine Jane.
He CAIFEIFie, I ache.i.e., a chief
Anthony CALFHalt no fancy.Only fan chat.
Nicolas CAGELaconic sage.Nice coal gas.A scenic goal.
James CAGNEYMy seance jag.
Lily CAHILLHilly lilac.Ya, chill ill.I chill ally.
Marie CAHILLHail miracle.I'm chill area.Hi, real claim.
Dean CAINInane cad.IA can end.
Michael CAINEAh, cinema lice!Anime chalice.Mean chili ace.
Thomas CALABROAbhor alto scam.Acrobat shalom.
Paul CALDERONLoud parlance.Unload parcel.Land real coup.
Don CALFAFocal DNA.A cold fan.And focal.
Louis CALHERNLinear slouch.Hullo carnies.Oh, cruel snail.
A lion lurches.Soil launcher.Real icon lush.
Or launches lies.Sell our china.
Alice CALHOUNI conceal haul.Null choice AA.Nucleic aloha.
Monica CALHOUNCouch no animal.A noncomic haul.Oh, annual comic.
Rory CALHOUNHoly rancour.Hourly acorn.Hurry, no coal.
A curly honor.
Natasha CALISA satanic lash.Hails canasta.
James CALLAHANJam shale canal.
Michael CALLANAll mechanical.An all-male chic.Achillean clam.
Joseph CALLEIAChose jail plea.Chop jail lease.
Bryan CALLENCranny label.Cannery ball.Cleanly bran.
Sarah Wayne CALLIESAllay weariness ache.Whale care analysis.Always search alien.
Always has reliance.Cranial whale essay.
Simon CALLOWSomali clown.Slow on claim.No local swim.
Oilman scowl.Ill cows moan.
Vanessa Bell CALLOWAYSolely new balaclavas.Lowly saleable canvas.
Catherine CALVERTReverential catch.Evil threat cancer.Recant vital cheer.
Rival recent cheat.Alert chic veteran.Retain clever chat.
Phyllis CALVERTHelps lyrical TV.Chill spy travel.Hall crypt evils.
John CALVINNil NJ havoc.Oval NJ chin.
Mark CAMACHOMock AA charm.
Javier CAMARAJam era caviar.Area vicar jam.
Christian CAMARGOCharismatic groan.Magic or anarchist?Acting or charisma?
A matriarchic song.No tragic archaism.So tragic chairman.
Valentine CAMAXTax venal cinema.Man vacant exile.Taximan enclave.
Godfrey CAMBRIDGEEmbrace giddy frog.Edgy from birdcage.Fiery DC beggardom.
Cody CAMERONNo democracy.Accord money.Acronym card.
Decry no coma.Coy con dream.My cocoa nerd.
Rod CAMERONMad coroner.Macro drone.Roman decor.
Colleen CAMPCompel Lance.
Hamilton CAMPCompliant ham.Macho implant.Phantom claim.
Joseph CAMPANELLAJohn's camel appeal. Pajama cell phones.
Adam CAMPBELLBecalm mad pal.Camp bald male.
Billy CAMPBELLClimb, play bell.
Bruce CAMPBELLBurp calm celeb.
Cheryl CAMPBELLCalm belch reply.
Christa CAMPBELLPeril calms batch.Calm birthplaces.Ablest charm clip.
Christian CAMPBELLBaptismal clincher.Calms in birthplace.Pitch nimble rascal.
Emma CAMPBELLA clamp emblem.Becalm lame MP.
Julia CAMPBELLJumpable lilac.Pica all jumble.
Margaret CAMPBELLCramp later gamble.Becalm large tramp.Trample cablegram.
Michael Leydon CAMPBELLMadly melancholic plebe.Cheaply commendable ill.Limp, melancholy debacle.
Naomi CAMPBELLPanel mob claim.Map noble claim.
Nell CAMPBELLAll PC bellmen.
Neve CAMPBELLEven calm pleb.
Nick CAMPBELLClip lamb neck.
Paul CAMPBELLMappable cull.Culpable palm.
Scott Michael CAMPBELLCompilable smelt catch.Match compatible cells.Complicate batch smell.
Tisha CAMPBELLMatchable lisp.Becalm this pal.Ape halts climb.
William CAMPBELLImpala climb well.
Frank CAMPEAUPunk came afar.Fun karma pace.Can freak puma.
Bruno  CAMPOSCoronas bump.Ban poor scum.
Ron CANADAAnd an orca.No car, nada.
Gianna Maria CANALENear maniacal again.Gain carnal anaemia.Clean Niagara mania.
Bobby CANAVALEVocal baby bean.
Guillaume CANETEmulating a clue.Cute, genial alum.Mutual ice angel.
Null acute image.Nautical legume.Calm league unit.
Sarah CANNINGSnaring a can.
Dyan CANNONCan-do nanny.
J.D. CANNONAnd NJ con.NJ don can.
Jose Pablo CANTILLOStaple colonial job.Alas, poll objection.To collapsable join.
Mario CANTONEAce nominator.Camera notion.Atonic moaner.
Cartoon anime.A romantic one.Into no camera.
Yakima CANUTTTa, mucky Anita.
Peter CAPALDIAppeal direct.Placid repeat.Applied trace.
Adept replica.Reapplied act.Cited apparel.
Placate pride.A decrepit pal.Repel paid act.
Ben CAPLANCan be plan.
Lizzy CAPLANZany ZIP call.
John CAPODICEChop jade icon.
Lino CAPOLICCHIOChic colonial poi.Cool ionic caliph.
June CAPRICECajun recipe.Nice puce jar.Juice per can.
Jessica CAPSHAWAspic's jaw aches.
Kate CAPSHAWTap weak cash.Weak as patch.Eat, wash, pack.
CAPUCINECue panic.A nice cup.
Irene CARAArcane ire.A nicer era.Nicer area.
Gina CARANONiagara con.Arian conga.Again no car.
Antony CARBONECan't annoy bore.Yob cannot earn.By ornate canon.
Nestor CARBONELLCentral snob role.Bean controllers.Alter noble scorn.
Linda CARDELLINILined cranial lid.All raid inclined.Alien rancid dill.
Ben CARDINALDinner cabal.A blind crane.A nicer bland.
Tantoo CARDINALCan't do rational.And attain color.Total Draconian.
Radiant coolant.Location and art.Not radiant coal.
Claudia CARDINALEIdeal Inca Dracula.Laid Arcadian clue.Circadian dial clue.
Manolo CARDONAAn old macaroon.
Steve CARELLLeast clever.Trace levels.Elves cartel.
James CAREWMacaws jeer.We jam races.
Ora CAREWA core war.Or war ace.A rare cow.
Edwin CAREWEWe cried anew.Nice weed war.Crew new idea.
Rita CAREWEWearier act.Erratic awe.A career wit.
Clare CAREYA rare cycle.Clearer cay.Lacy career.
Drew CAREYDecry wear.Wary creed.We cry, dear.
Harry CAREY Jr.Jarry archery.
Harry CAREY Sr.Cherry arrays.Rays carry her.
Helen CAREYHey, cleaner.Cheery lane.
MacDonald CAREYLand a democracy.Accord man delay.Moldy arcane cad.
Maria CAREYCreamy aria.Airy camera.Aramaic rye.
Matthew CAREYMy weather act.Cheat wry mate.Ace water myth.
Michele CAREYCame cheerily.Eye rich camel.Each mercy lie.
Olive CAREYEarly voice.Vocal eyrie.Coy era veil.
Phil CAREYLyric heap.Her icy pal.A rich yelp.
Timothy CAREYThe city mayor.Meaty or itchy?My hairy octet.
Timothy CARHARTMar itchy throat.Match hot rarity.Harm chatty trio.
Gia CARIDESI said grace.Dicier saga.A rigid case.
Cigar aside.
Leo CARILLOOr local lie.A cooler ill.Oriole call.
Len CARIOUOn cue liar.A cruel ion.Oi, an ulcer.
Richard CARLECarried larch.Clad rich rear.Rich lad carer.
George CARLINRaging creole.Clearer going.Genial grocer.
Mary CARLISLELyrical smear.Racism? Really!My clear liars.
Recalls my air.Carries my all.Sir may recall.
Amy CARLSONLoans my car.Amoral sync.As normalcy.
Karen CARLSONRansack loner.Reckon a snarl.Ran no slacker.
Kelly CARLSONA sly neckroll.Lack sly loner.Slackly enrol.
Richard CARLSONHorrid clan scar.Scorch darn liar.Rich rancor, lads.
Hope Marie CARLTONProclamation here.Hamper relocation.A microphone alert.
Or hate complainer.Pale romantic hero.Compliant hero era.
Robert CARLYLERoll-by caterer.
Chris CARMACKA crack smirch.Chic scar mark.
Roger C. CARMELCalmer grocer.
Jewel CARMENWere NJ camel.Jeer new calm.Jam new creel.
Julie CARMENJune miracle.Injure camel.Reclaim June.
Jean CARMETA reject man.Eject an arm.A recent jam.
Hoagy CARMICHAELArchaic holy game.Macho hair legacy.Yeah, macho garlic!
Ian CARMICHAELMechanical air.A criminal ache.Each manic liar.
Laura CARMICHAELAcclaim rare haul.Arch malaria clue.Her aural acclaim.
Primo CARNERAA prime rancor.Maori prancer.Panic armorer.
Art CARNEYNeat carry.Arcane try.Any crater.
Morris CARNOVSKYMarks ivory scorn.
Martine CAROLReal romantic.Manlier actor.Manic realtor.
Marital crone.Animal rector.Racial mentor.
A nicer mortal.Recant or mail.Or retain calm.
Sue CAROLCarousel.A closure.Oral cues.
Leslie CARONRole is clean.So clear line.Relic on sale.
Charisma CARPENTERPatriarch menacers.Rare miscreant chap.Mere anarchic parts.
Cine charmers apart.Star creep chairman.Saccharin tamperer.
Horace CARPENTERReopen character.A chance reporter.Once rare chapter.
A recent reproach.Catch rare opener.Chaperone tracer.
Jack CARPENTERCan reject park.Can't jerk caper.
Jeanne CARPENTERJeer race pennant.Jeep ran entrance.
Jennifer CARPENTERNearer perfect jinn.NJ train preference.
John CARPENTERNJ cheaper.
Mary CARRArm carry.
David CARRADINEVaried and acrid.
John CARRADINEA hardcore jinn.Reach in Jordan.
Keith CARRADINEDecent harakiri.Aid the crankier.Rich, irate, naked.
Robert CARRADINERare inbred actor.Record brain rate.Rare director ban.
Isabelle CARREReliable scare.Liable careers.Ale is cerebral.
Tia CARRERECartier era.Irate racer.IRA caterer.
Jim CARREYJam ire cry.
Matthieu CARRIERETheir true America.Mere irate haircut.Ahem, true criteria.
Elpidia CARRILLORadical oil peril.Old prairie lilac.
Leo CARRILLOCool rallier.Roll calorie.
Regina CARROLCoral earring.Ran rare logic.Angrier carol.
Diahann CARROLLHard, carnal lion.
Leo G. CARROLLCollar ogler.Log or recall.Recolor gall.
Kevin CARROLLRink coverall.No viral clerk.Or craven kill.
Madeleine CARROLLAngrier carol.Real medical loner.Clearer medallion.
Madeline CARROLLMenace droll liar.Learn old miracle.Recall minor lead.
All remain colder.Admire clean roll.Real manlier clod.
Nancy CARROLLCall NY rancor.Collar cranny.Nary call corn.
John CARROLLRoll NJ roach.
William CARROLLLacrimal or will.
Helen CARRUTHERSHer lush recanter.Recent harsh rule.Her cures enthral.
Jack CARSONJoan cracks.
Silas CARSONAssail scorn.Cross lianas.
Margit CARSTENSENSemantic stranger.Strange miscreant.Menacing starters.
Streaming trances.Entering star scam.Nice master grants.
Alex CARTERExtra clear.Cat relaxer.LAX caterer.
Harry CARTERCarry her art.Tarry her arc.Rather carry.
Jack CARTERCart jacker.
Janis CARTERJar nice star.
Jim CARTERMetric jar.Erratic MJ.
Joelle CARTERJell-o caterer.Call to jeerer.All reject roe.
Leslie CARTERReselect liar.Relic stealer.Retiree calls.
Lynda CARTERCentral yard.Ardently arc.Drat larceny.
Michael CARTERCatchier realm.Reclaim the car.Her miracle act.
I charm treacle.Catch mere liar.March elite arc.
Nell CARTERRent cellar.Cell ranter.Call renter.
Sarah CARTERCrash errata.Rather a scar.Chart as rare.
T.K. CARTERCart trek.
Katrin CARTLIDGELiked tragic rant.Ticket grand liar.Alter tragic kind.
Veronica CARTWRIGHTCraving worthier act.Thrown critic ravage.Cancer growth trivia.
Lisa Marie CARUKUK racialism era.A limerick's aura.Silkier cam aura.
Anthony CARUSOOust on anarchy.Yucatan honors.Cry out "Hosanna."
David CARUSOAvoid as crud.Void USA card.Odd USA vicar.
Kathryn CARVERVery rank chart.Harken TV carry.Rank TV archery.
Louise CARVERSurreal voice.Saucier lover.Our evil scare.
Suave or relic.Reveal curios.Curse via role.
Dana CARVEYAny cadaver.A navy cadre.Vary a dance.
A craven day.A candy rave.Very Canada.
Diana Serra CARYArcane disarray.Raid scary arena.Scan dreary aria.
Amira CASARAir maracas.
Maria CASARESMassacre aria.Raise mascara.Maracas arise.
Salvatore CASCIOA coarse vocalist.Social actor save.Vocalise as actor.
Alas, voice actors.Solo avarice acts.
Chiara CASELLIArchaic allies.A liar's chalice.Real chic alias.
Bernie CASEYA sincere bye.Yes, nice bear.Eye nice bars.
Rosalind CASHNo rich salads.Roach islands.Sardonic lash.
Choir sandals.Danish carols.Arachnid loss.
Lads on chairs.Rancid shoals.An idol's crash.
Philip CASNOFFSpinach off lip..Fish panic flop.
John CASSAVETESChose vast jeans.Jove chases ants.
Nick CASSAVETESEnvies sack cast.Sickness caveat.Sneaks vice acts.
Jean-Pierre CASSELEarns special jeer.Replies scare Jane.
Seymour CASSELMeasly sources.A messy closure.More classy use.
May secure loss.Cars seem lousy.Yum, casseroles.
Vincent CASSELLivens accents. Can license TVs.Can't cleve sins.
Wally CASSELLClawless ally.Scylla as well.
Gabriel CASSEUSClassier sea bug.Age's cruel basis.Uses agile crabs.
Edward CASSIDYDays we discard.Screwy, said Dad.Discarded ways.
Elaine CASSIDYCease daily sin.Nice ladies, say.Nice daisy sale.
Joanna CASSIDYCanadians' joys.Joins NCAA days.
Katie CASSIDYA sadistic key.A sticky aside.Tacky daisies.
Patrick CASSIDYA scary dipstick.Stick sad piracy.Sapidity cracks.
Raquel CASSIDYSadly acquires.Quasi sacredly.Acquired as sly.
Yes, squalid car.Decry as quails.Squeals aid cry.
Ted CASSIDYEcstasy did.Steady disc.Yes, addicts.
Kyle CASSIESickly ease.Eye is slack.As key slice.
Claudio CASSINELLIInclude social ails.Cedilla is unsocial.In suicidal locales.
Dolores CASSINELLIConsoles idle liars.Solid closer aliens.Is recessional doll.
John CASSINIJoins chains.
Jean-Pierre CASTALDIJailed artisan creep.Patrician leads jeer.Reject said airplane.
Retained special jar.Repair adjacent isle.
Dan CASTELLANETAAscendant ate all.Called Satan neat.Cleansed Atlanta.
Richard S. CASTELLANORhetorical scandals.Cross idle charlatan.Real cold anarchists.
Scandals alert choir.Nor classical hatred.Darn sarcastic hello.
Sergio CASTELLITTOTolerate logistics.Titillates Scrooge. Got classier toilet.
Artistic steel logo.Taller, so egotistic.Glitter so societal.
Keisha CASTLE-HUGHESHas cheekiest laughs.
Barbara CASTLETONStab banal creator.Able acrobats rant.Cantatas or rabble.
Phoebe CATESBet each pose.Ape best echo.Obese hepcat.
Emma CATHERWOODRaw cameo method.Me, a doomwatcher?Hate coward memo.
Reg E. CATHEYCagey there.Eye the crag.Her cagey E.T.
Brigitte CATILLONBigot trial client.Got illicit banter.Got intricate bill.
Mary Jo CATLETTTatter calm joy.
Walter CATLETTWattle clatter.Twee, tall tract.
Kim CATTRALLTrack at mill.
Jessica CAUFFIELCafe's juices fail.Ace jail suffices.
Emma CAULFIELDFuel mad malice.Am lucid female.Made fuel claim.
Maxwell CAULFIELDWell feudal climax.
Kristin CAVALLARISlick liar variant.Civilian lark star.Satiric Klan rival.
Paul CAVANAGHAha, vulcan gap.Ugh, alpaca van.A guava planch.
Christine CAVANAUGHHating such variance.Naive anarchic thugs.Can't archive anguish.
Elise CAVANNAA canine slave.Can save alien.NCAA vaseline.
Lumi CAVAZOSOz cam visual.
Ingrid CAVENDiving crane.In grand vice.Rancid given.
Simone CAVENSMensa novices.Envies no scam.Icon saves men.
Henry CAVILLLively ranch.A nervy chill.Venally rich.
John CAZALENJ coal haze.
Christopher CAZENOVEChorizos prevent ache.Overshot prize chance.Oh, Czech preservation.
Fulvio CECEREForce live cue.Ice floe curve.Coercive fuel.
Cruel foe vice.
CEDRIC the EntertainerTheir indecent caterer.Internet cheater cried.Trendier, reticent ache.
Pablo CEDRONNo cable drop.No balder cop.Nor bold pace.
Adolfo CELIDocile foal.A cool field.Oil old face.
Michael CERAChic male era.Miracle ache.Chemical era.
Acclaim here.Reach malice.A clear chime.
Gino CERVIRevoicing.Cine vigor.Icon giver.
Valentina CERVIAncient revival.Internal vivace.Larva incentive.
Vatican livener.Recant vain evil.Invent cavalier.
Alain CHABATA canal habit.
Lacey CHABERTTeachable cry.Cycle a breath.Treacly beach.
Helene CHADWICKEach win heckled.Cache when liked.Knew head cliche.
June CHADWICKCajun chew kid.Chic junk awed.Hijacked UN WC.
George CHAKIRISHer sickie aggro.Irish geek cargo.Hack soggier ire.
Alok CHAKRAVARTYKraal votary hack.
Kathleen CHALFANTChannel that flake.Thank fallen cheat.
Feodor CHALIAPIN, Jr.Her florid japonica.Adjoin arch profile.Join hardcore pilaf.
Chris CHALKHarsh click.
James CHALKEHeckles a jam.
Sarah CHALKEHeals chakra.Shake a larch.Ha ha, slacker.
Andrew CHALMERSHeralds crewman.Newer lad charms.Drawn mere clash.
Richard CHAMBERLAINBrainchild era charm.Claim hardier branch.Brahmanic rare child.
Hid anarchic rambler.Rich, balder chairman.
Kevin CHAMBERLINIn vile benchmark.
Riley CHAMBERLINRhyme brilliance.Reliably rich men.Mere brainy chill.
Faune A. CHAMBERSAmbush near cafe.Bare human faces.Base human farce.
Justin CHAMBERSCrumbs hit jeans.Subject in marsh.Manic brush jest.
Jackie CHANAcne hijack.
Catherine CHANThe arch canine.Her inane catch.Catchier henna.
An ethnic reach.Nicer than ache.
Anna CHANCELLORChannel or canal.Clean ranch loan.
George CHANDLERHer golden grace.Her doggerel can.Encored haggler.
Helen CHANDLERChannelled her.Her canned hell.
Jeff CHANDLERNJ elder chaff.NJ chef flared.
Kyle CHANDLERDylan heckler.
Lane CHANDLERClean her land.Rehandle clan.Clean handler.
Jay CHANDRASEKHARJay charade shrank.
Amber CHANEYReach by name.Ban ace rhyme.Anarchy be me.
Lon CHANEYHey, no clan.Honey clan.Each nylon.
Lon CHANEY Jr.Only reach NJ.Clear Johnny.
Lon CHANEY Sr.Holy scanner.Nylon chaser.Only ranches.
Only hers can.
Carol CHANNINGCloning an arch.An anchor cling.
Stockard CHANNINGHand-stacking corn.And nothing cracks.Stranding Hancock.
Rosalind CHAOA solid anchor.Sardonic halo.Rascal in hood.
Damian CHAPAAAA mad pinch.
Ben CHAPLINPlain bench.Belch in nap.
Carmen CHAPLINChimp can learn.
Charlie CHAPLINHear chill panic.Charm pinnacle.Earn calm pinch.
Geraldine CHAPLIN In rapid challenge.Hinder legal panic.Recalled pinhead.
Hinder angelic pal.Hang allied prince.Pillage hindrance.
Oona CHAPLINNo alpha icon.
Audrey CHAPMANMade up anarchy.Pay humane card.Repay human cad.
Each puny drama.Recap human day.Had puny camera.
Georgina CHAPMANA champion nagger.Managing poacher.Or gaming panache.
Graham CHAPMANCharm pagan ham.
Edward CHAPMANPreach mad dawn.Pawned drachma.Warm-handed cap.
Kevin CHAPMANCheap mink van.
Lonny CHAPMANNo hymnal, cap'n.
Marguerite CHAPMANHer mature campaign.Up camera nightmare.Impart humane grace.
Mature grim panache.Cheapen grim trauma.Arcane game triumph.
Hear pragmatic menu.Capture a hammering.Purge tame chairman.
Dave CHAPPELLEAll peeved chap.
Antoine CHAPPEYA phony patience.Nice open apathy.Cheapen toy pain.
Patricia CHARBONNEAUHectic urban paranoia.Abhor inaccurate pain.Anarchic utopian bear.
Cyd CHARISSEDishy scarce.Ya, chic dress.Shy cad cries.
Josh CHARLESShh, close jar.
RuPaul CHARLESUsurp all reach.Purple hue scar.Ace plural rush.
A clear sulphur.Lush rural cape.
Ian CHARLESONInsane choral.Inshore canal.Alien anchors.
Ray CHARLESONAnarchy loser.Anchors relay.A choral syren.
CHARORoach.Orach.Oh, car.
Spencer CHARTERSSharper crescent.Respects rancher.Her recent scraps.
Melanie CHARTOFFThe informal cafe.    Harlem affection.Often chief alarm.
The fair flamenco.Ornate fame filch.Chameleon tariff.
Fine amoral fetch.Macho fertile fan.Comfier than flea.
Charley CHASEA cheery clash.Real shy cache.Leachy search.
Chevy CHASEAh, cheesy VC.
Colin CHASECochineals.Scenic halo.A cliche son.
I clash once.No chic sale.Conceal his.
Daveigh CHASEAchieved gash.Cave hides hag.
Jeffrey CHASEChef frees jay.
Jessica CHASTAINHas sciatic jeans.
Soumitra CHATTERJEETrue aesthetic major.Our majestic theater.Her automatic jester.
Rejoice, that's mature.Astute major heretic.Reject amateur hoist.
Ruth CHATTERTONContra the truth.Can hotter truth.Nuthatch retort.
Tom CHATTERTONTorment hot act.Rotten to match.Not mother tact.
Justin CHATWINIn junta switch.Cajun twin hits.
Anthony Wong CHAU-SANGUncanny tango hogwash.Haughty cannon wagons.
Ricardo CHAVIRARich caviar road.Arch radio vicar.
Maury CHAYKINCry many haiku.Yuck, hairy man.
Don CHEADLEEnd old ache.Had once led.Eh, clone dad.
Molly CHEEKHemlock lye.
Daoming CHENDancing home.No mid-change.I condemn hag.
Damning echo.Aching demon.Ending macho.
Edison CHENNo scene hid.Niche nodes.Echo in dens.
Joan CHENNo NJ ache.An echo, NJ.Ah, once NJ.
Terry CHENRye trench.
Lawrence CHENAULTLaunch new treacle.Clean wet launcher.Hear accent unwell.
Ekin CHENGHinge neck.
Kristin CHENOWETHThis known heretic. Non-stick herewith.Shock neither twin.
Nikolai CHERKASSOVCrooks vanish alike.Cosier Kalashnikov.Invoke social shark.
Jonas CHERNIKJerks no chain.Join her snack.No jerkin cash.
Jake CHERRYJerky reach.Achy jerker.A jerky Cher.
George CHESEBROBeg Scrooge here.Beseech or gorge.Echoes beg Roger.
Lila CHESTERAll heretics.Cease thrill.Raciest hell.
Morris CHESTNUTConsumer thirst.Curses, not mirth.Instructs Homer.
Ostrich sternum.Rich sons mutter.Or minus stretch.
Cecilia CHEUNGCueing a cliche.Icing each clue.Uncage chic lie.
Cindy CHEUNGEnd cynic hug.Edgy chic nun.Chic NY nudge.
Leslie CHEUNGHuge cine sell.Elegies lunch.Eh, genius cell.
Maggie CHEUNGGauche men gig.Change emu gig.
Siu-Fai CHEUNGA chug unifies.If causing hue.
Maurice CHEVALIERAchieve mercurial.Cure heavier claim.Ace vehicular mire.
Richard CHEVOLLEAURule heraldic havoc.Loud archival cheer.Evil archducal hero.
Dominic CHIANESECanine homicides.Machine decision.  Coincide in shame.
Hide insane comic.Chaos in medicine.Has nice comedian.
Nice macho inside.I had omniscience.Dim, insane choice.
Sonny CHIBABan shy icon.Shiny bacon.Bony chains.
Michael CHIKLISHis chemical ilk.
Naomi CHILDERSIdle harmonics.Harm nice idols.Her dismal icon.
Nomadic relish.In dismal chore.Demolish in car.
Lois CHILESChili loses.I chose ills.His cello is
Tsai CHINIn his act.It's chain.
Nicholas CHINLUNDAid Lincoln's hunch.Dunno, chinchillas?Annul childish con.
Khan CHITTENDENThink then dance.Think enchanted.Then enchant kid.
Tony Leung CHIU-WAIOutweigh in lunacy.Ugly whine caution.Unethical wino guy.
Unhygienic outlaw.You ungenial witch!
Anna CHLUMSKYUnmanly hacks.
John CHONJ hooch.
Margaret CHOGot a charmer.Rat echogram.Macho garret.
Charlene CHOIHear no cliche.Niche chorale.A choleric hen.
Min-Sik CHOII'm sikh coin.
Justin CHONNo just inch.
Rae Dawn CHONGOnward change.Now grand ache.Anger cowhand.
Thomas CHONGGosh, no match.Mocha thongs.
Colin CHOUCouch lion.Uncool chi.
Jay CHOUJay ouch.
Sarita CHOUDHURYHardy, raucous hit.Ha, auditory crush. Huh, daisy curator.
Joseph CHRESTShh, corps jete.
Audrey CHRISTIECharity residue.Secure tidy hair.Her arty suicide.
Gwendoline CHRISTIEOtherwise declining.Held egoistic winner.Snore with diligence.
Sincere wino delight.Do resilient chewing.Lowering the indices.
New diligent heroics.Hide sweltering icon.Single ethnic weirdo.
Ann CHRISTYCarny hints.Nary snitch.Tinny crash.
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