Aa - Am
An - Az
Ba - Be
Bi - By
Ca - Ch
Ci - Cz
Da - Dj
Do - El
Em - Fl
Fo - Ga
Ge - Gy
Ha - He
Hi - Hy
Ia - Ju
Ka - Ky
La - Lh
Li - Ly
Ma - Ma
Mc - Mi
Mo - My
Na - Og
Oh - Pa
Pe - Py
Q - Ri
Ro - Sa
Sb - Sl
Sm - Sz
Ta - Us
Va - We
Wh - Zy
Cutting Room Floor

DA BRATTabard.Bad art.At bard.
Howard DA SILVADraws avid halo.Lavish award do.Avoid hard laws.
Hard disavowal.Had law advisor.Aha, valid words.
Parvin DABASDrab NASA VIP.Vain sap bard.
Maryam D'ABOYa, mad Rambo.Boyar madam.Am bad mayor.
Olivia D'ABOAvoid a boil.A Bolivia do.
Mark DACASCOSCossack drama.Accords a mask.OK mad carcass.
YaYa DaCOSTASoya cay data.
Cameron DADDOAn odd comrade.Random cad ode.Once odd drama.
Frances DADEAscended far.Ended fracas.Sadden farce.
Face sad nerd.Dancers fade.Darned faces.
Werner DAEHNHear new nerd.Render a when.
Willem DAFOEMedia fellow.Made lowlife.
Nicholas D'AGOSTOHooligans do cast.Solid chaos tango.Against school do.
Lil DAGOVERGaol drivel.Give dollar.Overall dig.
Arlene DAHLAnd all here.Real handle.Lean herald.
Mae DAHLBERGHead gambler.Harmed Gable.Had me garble.
Dagmar DAHLGRENDarn mad haggler.Laggard herdman.
Dan DAILEY An idle day.Add any lie.A daily end.
Any laddie.Dine a lady.A dandy lie.
Elizabeth DAILYLazily behead it.Yeah, ideal blitz.Hazy, albeit idle.
Nadia DAJANIAAA djinn aid.
Sidney D'ALBROOKBored solid Yank.Blinders do okay.Adore dinky slob.
Cynthia DALEHalt cyanide.Can idly hate.Any idle chat.
An idle yacht.An itchy deal.Litany ached.
Esther DALEThree leads.He's related.The dealers.
Hate elders.Rash delete.The red seal.
James Badge DALEBlame jaded sage.Gale-debased jam.
Jennifer DALEEnd final jeer.
Jim DALEIdle jam.
Marcel DALIOCordial male.American doll.Radical mole.
Admire local.Lacrimal ode.Docile alarm.
Margaret DALEGlare at dream.Tamale grader.Made large art.
Joshua DALLASAlas, lash judo.
Matt DALLASTall ad mast.
Beatrice DALLEEradicate bell.Radical beetle.Retail debacle.
Delectable air.Reliable cadet.Albeit cleared.
Ideal bracelet.A belated relic.Rate idle cable.
Joe DALLESANDROLoan jaded loser.Reload old jeans.Jane adores doll.
Audrey DALTONLaudatory end.Launder today.No ready adult.
Darren DALTONOld and errant.No land trader.Nor ardent lad.
Dorothy DALTONThorny old toad.Throaty old nod.Toyland hotrod.
Irene DALTONAlien to nerd.Rated online.An idle tenor.
Timothy DALTONOnto tidal myth.Hotly not admit.Thin lady motto.
Roger DALTREYRetrogradely.Great orderly.Rarely got red.
Retread glory.Retry large do.Artery lodger.
Arnold DALYAn odd rally.Old lady ran.No lardy lad.
Timothy DALYTo daily myth.Thy modality.Madly hit toy.
Tyne DALYYentl day.Lady, 'n yet.
Mark DAMONMonk drama.No mad mark.Mark nomad.
Matt DAMONTot madman.Am damn tot.
Muriel Frances DANAMade funnier rascal.Scare mundane flair.Remains clean fraud.
Viola DANALoan a diva.Avail a don.A vain load.
Charles DANCECheer scandal.Candle chaser.Cleaned crash.
Cleansed arch.
Hugh DANCYHandy chug.Hang Duchy.
Dorothy DANDRIDGEOdd or dehydrating.Traded dodgy rhino.Hoard giddy rodent.
Eric DANENice dare.Dire acne.Ice a nerd.
Karl DANEDarn lake.Rank deal.End a lark.
Lawrence DANEDance renewal.And new cereal.A newer candle.
Claire DANESSacred alien.Arsenic deal.A sincere lad.
Sad reliance.Arcane slide.An idle scare.
Beverly D’ANGELOLovably reneged.Only braved glee.Ban lovely greed.
Rodney DANGERFIELDOddly fine gardener.Roaringly defended.Darned friendly ogre.
Friendly aged drone. Derided angry felon.
Brittany DANIELEntail banditry.Dealt tiny brain.Alien tyrant bid.
Marek DANIELMarked alien.Rankle media.Liken a dream.
I'm real naked.Man liked era.Marked a line.
Henry DANIELLHad inner yell.Her lady linen.Any liner held.
Anthony DANIELSAnd insanely hot.Aliens not handy.Loathe sad ninny.
Bebe DANIELSEdible beans.Balinese bed.Bad beelines.
Ben DANIELSEnabled sin.Banned lies.Senile band.
Gary DANIELSAngry ideals.Gains dearly.Sly gardenia.
Angel's diary.Grainy deals.And greasily.
Frank DANIELSReal kind fans.Ask final nerd.Inland freaks.
Jeff DANIELSFinal DJ fees.
Mickey DANIELSMedicinal keys.Link semidecay.Keyed in claims.
Claim kind eyes.Mask nice yield.Aid slick enemy.
William DANIELSWild animal lies.
Eli DANKERLiked near.Like a nerd.Are linked.
Blythe DANNERThe yarn blend.
Sybil DANNINGBadly sinning.Glib, sad ninny.By inland sign.
Paul DANOPan aloud.An upload.A loud nap.
Royal DANOLay on road.Any old oar.Only a road.
Cesare DANOVAAs one cadaver.Coarse Nevada.A sore advance.
Ted DANSONSadden not.An odd nest.Noted sand.
Michael DANTEThe cinema lad.Alien matched.Ailment ached.
Metal chained.Heed claimant.Chalet maiden.
Peter DANTEPenetrated.Pretend ate.Rented tape.
Helmut DANTINEEntitled human.Unlamented hit.Unentitled ham.
Hamlet tuned in.Hunted ailment.
Ray DANTONAn arty don.A dynatron. And notary.
Tony DANZAA zany don't.
Ingeborga DAPKOUNAITEDoubting geek paranoia.Keeping taboo guardian.Guaranteeing paid book.
Opinionated UK garbage.Poking debonair gateau.Graduation pigeon bake.
Patti D'ARBANVILLEAvid, blatant peril.Trivial bad planet.Adept villain brat.
Kim DARBYBarmy kid.
Rhys DARBYBy dry rash.
Alexander D’ARCYRacy and relaxed.Any relaxed card.
James D'ARCYMy jade cars.
Roy D’ARCYOr cry day.
Kieran DARCY-SMITHMatriarch's kidney.Dinky satire charm.Smear kind charity.
Severn DARDENDarned nerves.Never sad nerd.Dresden raven.
Bobby DARINNo baby bird.Bid by baron.Dobby brain.
Ricardo DARINCorrida nadir.
DARK CLOUDOr lack dud.Or add luck.Duck a lord.
Mona DARKFEATHERHater of mandrake.Another mad freak.Earmarked hot fan.
Ida DARLINGIdling RADA.Daring dial.Railing dad.
Jean DARLINGDjinn aglare.Jail nerd nag.A darn jingle.
Linda DARLOWLowland raid.Arid old lawn.Laid on drawl.
Grace DARMONDGrand comrade.Romanced drag.Record mad nag.
Jean DARNELLLearn NJ deal.All NJ earned.Learn NJ lead.
Linda DARNELLAnd lane drill.All red inland.
Vondell DARRDroll VA nerd.
James DARRENRenamed jars.Marred jeans.Send rare jam.
Danielle DARRIEUXEarned dual elixir.Ruined ideal relax.
Frankie DARROIn freak ardor.No fairer dark.
Jean-Pierre DARROUSSINInjured prisoners area.Snare junior despairer.Injurer earns parodies.
Insane perjurer's radio.Unjarred senior praise.Persona injures raider.
Henry DARROWDarn wry hero.And worry her.Wry horde ran.
Tony DARROWWry tornado.No wordy art.Warty donor.
Jane DARWELLNew jar ladle.All jade wren.All jeer dawn.
Stacey DASHHad ecstacy.Chaste days.A shady sect.
Steady cash.Acted as shy.Hey, sad cast.
Carrie DAUMERYCure dreary aim.Recur amid year.Due racier army.
Claude DAUPHINAided launch up.Paid eunuch lad.
Jareb DAUPLAISEJape abused liar.
Alexa DAVALOSSolved lax AAA.
Richard DAVALOSOdd cash arrival.Adds rival roach.Valid road crash.
Alice DAVENPORTPlain overacted.Politer advance.A pedantic lover.
Not replace diva.A contrived plea.And captive role.
Dorothy DAVENPORTTardy photo vendor.Proved thorny toad.Don't hoard poverty.
Harry DAVENPORTProven hardy rat.Had nervy parrot.
Jack DAVENPORTRed van jackpot.
Lucy DAVENPORTCan't duly prove.Poverty unclad.Plan devout cry.
Madison DAVENPORTDamped innovators.And prove saintdom.Nerd's damp ovation.
Pant over diamonds.And pardon motives.Invade random spot.
Paranoid TV demons.Adopts random vein.Innovated sad romp.
Milla DAVENPORTRampant old evil.Maternal old VIP.Devil patrolman.
Nigel DAVENPORTProvident angel.Novel departing.Envied long part.
Prevent loading.Developing rant.Dingo prevalent.
Robert DAVI Rabid voter.Braved riot.Boat driver.
Tired bravo.Adroit verb.
Eleanor DAVIDDeadlier nova.And adore evil.No, a daredevil.
Naive old dear.Leave android.Adrenal video.
Keith DAVIDThe avid kid.Kid hated IV.
Thayer DAVIDThrived a day.Hydrate diva.Vet hairy dad.
Lolita DAVIDOVICHAvid diva oilcloth.
Jaye DAVIDSONEnjoy sad diva.Adds naive joy.Invade sad joy.
John DAVIDSONVanish NJ dodo.
Tommy DAVIDSONDoom midst navy.Mom's odd vanity.
William DAVIDSONWild animal voids.Odd swami villain.Valid dismal wino.
Embeth DAVIDTZMaze hid TV debt.Vet habited DMZ.
Jeremy DAVIESJams every die.
Marion DAVIESAvoid remains.A mad revision.A dream vision.
A denim savior.Vein dioramas.Varies domain.
Oliver Ford DAVIESDisfavor evildoer.Revive frail dodos.Lover I disfavored.
Reine DAVIESNaive desire.Inverse idea.Envies a ride.
Rosemary DAVIESRemedy as savior.Someday arrives.More varied says.
Rupert DAVIESSpread virtue.Treasured VIP.Arrived upset.
Predate virus.Padre's virtue.Spurtive dare.
Stephen DAVIESEvident phases.Pensive deaths.The passive end.
Bette DAVISBest TV idea.Saved Tibet.TB sedative.
Brad DAVISDrab divas.Avid bards.
Brianne DAVISInvades brain.Brand is naive.Bairns invade.
Carole DAVISAlas divorcee.Avoid cereals.Covered alias.
Clifton DAVISVocalist find.Soft and civil.Livid, no facts.
Dana DAVISAvian dads.A sad divan.And as diva.
DeRay DAVISSaved diary.Days varied.Diva's ready.
A sadder Ivy.A day's drive.Sea did vary.
Don S. DAVISSand voids.Odd A-V sins.Diva's nods.
Duane DAVISUSA invaded.Diva sundae.Undid a save.
Essie DAVISAids sieves.
Geena DAVISEnvied saga.Age invades.Sad, I avenge.
George DAVISDevise aggro.A dog grieves.Aggrieved so.
Hope DAVISVoid phase.
Jim DAVISIs amid JV.
Joan DAVISJoin sad VA.Avoid as NJ.Adjoin vas.
Judy DAVISAdd Ivy jus.
Kristin DAVISVisits in dark.Stirs vain kid.Skirt avid sin.
Lew DAVISSlew diva.Wild save.Was devil.
Lucy DAVISSly UV acid.
Mac DAVISDiva scam.Cam divas.Avid cams.
Mary DAVISArmy divas.Ivy dramas.Maids vary.
Matthew DAVISAshamed TV wit.Have dim watts.Save mat width.
Mildred DAVISMiddler divas.Add slim drive.Dim sad drivel.
Ossie DAVISOasis dives.
Philip DAVISDial VIP ship.
Sammi DAVISMaims divas.
Sammy DAVIS Jr.Smarmy JV aids.
Stringer DAVISGrander visits.Disserving art.Rising adverts.
Viola DAVISAvoids vial.
Virginia DAVISRising via diva.A vivid arising.
Viveka DAVISVivid ka save.
Warwick DAVISWicks raw diva.
William B. DAVISValid bail swim.
Bruce DAVISONAbsurd novice.Uncovers a bid.No absurd vice.
Peter DAVISONDeviant poser.Adept version.Adverse point.
Prove instead.Taped version.Drops naivete.
Envied pastor.Overspent aid.A sportive end.
Ken DAVITIANA kind native.A deviant kin.
Andrew DAVOLIWeirdo vandal.A valid wonder.Onward a devil.
Now dead rival.Won valid dare.Darn video law.
Serge DAVRIRevise drag.Adverse rig.Sad griever.
Drives rage.Gear drives.
Marjorie DAWA weird major.Wear major ID.A rowdier jam.
Pam DAWBERWarmed bap.A damp brew.Be raw damp.
Hazel DAWNNZ law head.Hazed lawn.
Anthony DAWSONAnd nasty nohow.To shadow nanny.
Doris DAWSONSordid as now.Drains woods.Disowns road.
Richard DAWSONDrawn sad choir.His darn coward.Has rancid word.
Rosario DAWSONRadio wars soon.
Alice DAYAce daily.Lacy aide.Ideal cay.
Charlie DAYDaily reach.A hydra lice.A rich delay.
Hey, radical.Ah, ideal cry.
Doris DAYOr did, say.Daisy rod.
Laraine DAYLady in area.An aerly aid.A linear day.
Daily arena.A yard alien.Early naiad.
Marceline DAYEnemy radical.Maidenly care.Manlier decay.
Media larceny.An ideal mercy.Daily menacer.
Shannon DAYHands annoy.So had nanny.Any non dash.
Daniel DAY-LEWISWildly sane idea.Delay ladies' win.Needily sad wail.
Joaquim DE ALMEIDAOdalique media jam.
Isaach DE BANKOLEIdeal bacon shake.So bleak hacienda.Abide nasal choke.
Brenda DE BANZIEAbide brazen den.Daze inbred bane.
Nikki DE BOERIrked on bike.
Nigel DE BRULIERLeering builder.
Yvonne DE CARLONovel deaconry.Envy canoodler.Crayoned novel.
Pedro DE CORDOBAOdder cobra dope.Brocade drooped.
Ted DE CORSIAEsoteric dad.Decries toad.Adore edicts.
Desired coat.Discrete ado.A direst code.
Cecile DE FRANCEFacile credence.Need cafe circle.Rifle accedence.
Sam DE GRASSEMasses raged.Greased mass.Dream gasses.
Xavier DE GUILLEBONValued boring exile.Dug inexorable evil.Relieving old beaux.
Gloria DE HAVENIdeal hangover.Leave hoarding.An evildoer hag.
Varied halogen.
Olivia DE HAVILLAND Haloed avid villain.
Frank DE KOVAKafka vendor.Knave of dark.
Philippe DE LACYHappily led epic.Hype placid pile.Idle hippy place.
Christian DE LA FUENTEInheritance defaults.Unchained flatteries.Unrelated chieftains.
Defines untheatrical.In fainthearted clues.A futile disenchanter.
Hate refined lunatics.Uncle is fainthearted.Alienates deft urchin.
Detain cheerful saint.Due frailties enchant.Needs authentic flair.
Fine-hearted lunatics.Launched fine artiste.Disenchant futile era.
Paz DE LA HUERTATrue alpha daze.Epaulet hazard.Adapt haze rule.
Margeurite DE LA MOTTEDelegate immature rot.Ultimate greater mode.Agreed mealtime tutor.
Frances DE LA TOURUnderscore fatal..Real confused rat.After a scoundrel.
John DE LANCIEConned Elijah.
Derek DE LINTLiked tender.Kindled tree.Delete drink.
Alessandro DE MARCOAdore more scandals.Sad ordeal romances.Adored calm reasons.
Lads adore romances.Aerodrome scandals.Rascal adores demon.
Drea DE MATTEOOdd meat-eater.Moderate date.Meet dear toad.
Maria DE MEDEIROSDrearisome media.Aid dear memories.Remedies diorama.
Admire mad soiree.Married some idea.Read dairies memo.
Rebecca DE MORNAYDecry macabre one.Embrace deaconry.Maybe record acne.
Can embody career.Concede barmy era.Rambo decency era.
Robert DE NIROReborn editor.Inert brooder.
Emilie DE RAVINRevile in media.Derive main lie.Liveried anime.
Rubye DE REMERBury redeemer.Ye be murderer.Eyed mere burr.
Rex DE ROSSELLISix elder roles.Ex losers idler.Six older reels.
Portia DE ROSSIParodies riots.Or spare idiots.Satirised poor.
Radio ripostes.Is adroit poser.Said it's poorer.
So adore spirit.Posterior aids.Prairies stood.
Anthony DE SANDOTo annoyed hands.Noon heat's dandy.Annoy honest dad.
Joe DE SANTISNo jest aside.Sedate joins.Joined asset.
Vittorio DE SICAVoid atrocities.Avoid eroticist.Satiric to video.
Melissa DE SOUSAAssume idea loss.So amuses ladies.
Harry DE VEREVery rad here.Her very dare.Revere hardy.
Francesco DE VITOConverted fiasco.Confide, overacts.Favored conceits.
Cost for deviance.Overfond ascetic.A festive concord.
Farces not voiced.Factored novices.Not discover face.
Brandon DE WILDEA blinded wonder.No inbred dawdle.Bland eiderdown.
Cliff DE YOUNGDefy fun logic.Off dying clue.Fluency of dig.
Richard DEACONNordic charade.Arachnid decor.A chronic dread.
Sarah DEAKINSAn ideas shark.A shakier sand.Has kind areas.
Eddie DEANNeeded aid.Idea ended.A need died.
James DEANMade jeans.A dense jam.Names jade.
Julia DEANJail Auden.Jail a nude.
Loren DEANA lone nerd.Learned "no"
Louis DEANA delusion.No sad lieu.Use an idol.
A sound lie.Alien duos.Also due in.
Margia DEANDream again.Rain damage.Aged airman.
Anger a maid.Mania raged.Aid manager.
Priscilla DEANSpill radiance.Inspired a call.Dial nicer pals.
Rick DEANKind care.Drank ice.Nice dark.
Ron DEANEarn nod.Done ran.Darn one.
Ashton DEARHOLTSnarl to hothead.No loathed trash.Health donators.
Jamel DEBBOUZEEmblaze due job.
Marcia DeBONISAbide no racism.Aod sober manic.Cinema is broad.
Rosemary DeCAMPScary poem dream.Academy rompers.Mad prayers come.
Brooklyn DECKERNerd Rocky bloke.Brokenly corked.
Edward "Blue" DECKERTWrecked brutal deed.Talked reduced brew.Creek dawdler debut.
Jan DECLEIRDecline Raj.
Frances DEEScreen fade.Denser farce.Fans recede.
Dancer's fee.Free dances.
Ruby DEERude bye.Buy reed.Buy deer.
Sandra DEEAdd a sneer.A dare ends.Sane dread.
Eddie DEEZENID needed zee.
Annette DeFOEDonate net fee.Tone-deaf teen.Deafen E.T. tone.
Don DeFOREFeed donor.Roofed end.Foe droned.
Hal DE FORRESTFlashed retro.Fresh leotard.Half restored.
Retold afresh.Star freehold.Older fathers.
Adele DeGARDEAdded glee era.Dreaded eagle.Edged a leader.
Ellen DEGENERESLend serene glee.Reel legend seen.Lend, else renege.
Raffaello DEGRUTTOLAFloat grateful ordeal.Argued later footfall.Regulated fatal floor.
John DEHNERHeed NJ horn.
Tim DeKAYMake tidy.Admit key.E.T. kid may.
Albert DEKKERA trekker bled.
Thomas DEKKEROK dark themes.The dark smoke.Had meek stork.
Leon DE LA MOTHEDemean Othello.Elemental hood.One lethal demo.
Hotel lemonade.All denote home.Hated lone mole.
Charles DELANEYHence really sad.Recalled hyenas.Really end chase.
An elderly chase.Has elderly acne.Leashed larceny.
B.H. DeLAYBlah dye.Eh, baldy.Held bay.
Kate DEL CASTILLOCollated talkies.Loads like cattle.Do celestial talk.
DEL NEGROOld genre.Golden ER.No gelder.
Dolores DEL RIOSoiled drooler.Idle odor loser.
Benicio DEL TOROElite brood icon.Bloodier notice.
Suzy DELAIRLazy is rude.
Kim DELANEYMild Yankee.Keen, milady.Male kidney.
Diane DELANOOn a deadline.And one ideal.Add one alien.
Dana DELANYAndean lady.Any lane, dad.A deadly nan.
Cyril DELEVANTIIdyllic veteran.Certainly livedDaintily clever.
Clearly invited.Vainly derelict.A devilry client.
Majandra DELFINOAdorned final jam.And informal jade.Adjoin dream flan.
Claudia DELLLauded lilac.
Gabriel DELLGlad libeler.Regaled bill.Large-billed.
Alain DELONAn old alien.Loan denial.Linda alone.
Michael DELORENZOOzone held miracle.Moralized echelon.Localized hero men.
Nikki DELOACHNice old khaki.Kicked in halo.
Julie DELPYYield julep.
Anne Marie DELUISEResume inane ideal.Serene alumni idea.Mean alien residue.
David DeLUISEDevil aided us.Disvalued die.Did suave idle.
Dom DeLUISELoud demise.Idled mouse.Side module.
Peter DeLUISEPerused elite.Leeriest dupe.Pestered lieu.
Puerile steed.Erudite sleep.Sleepier duet.
William DEMARESTLewd materialism.Detail warm smile.Mildew materials.
Katherine DeMILLEMeek all inherited.A needlelike mirth.Reheated lime kiln.
Mylene DEMONGEOTMoot enemy legend.Meet golden money.Teeny model gnome.
Darcy DEMOSSMy odd scares.So, adds mercy.Messy odd arc.
Anais DEMOUSTIERAssure mediation.A tedious seminar.Rationed a misuse.
Patrick DEMPSEYPredicts my peak.Strapped Mickey.Kept spicy dream.
Joe DEMPSIEJee, dim pose.
Carol DEMPSTERTrampled score.Smart old creep.Mad loser crept.
Jeffrey DeMUNNFed fenmen jury.Mere duff jenny.NJ enemy duffer.
Judy DENCHEh, NJ cuddy.
DENDENDenned.Den end.
Catherine DENEUVENever the audience.Hated nice revenue.Hear uneven deceit.
Hence, venture idea.Uncheered naivete.Evade inherent cue.
Christopher DENHAMEnrich sharp method.Phoned this charmer.Hero hid parchments.
Maurice DENHAMA humid menacer.Immune charade.
Marianne DENICOURTDraconian mutineer.Armed renunciation.Demure incarnation.
Lydie DENIERNeedily dire.Idly needier.Deny ride lie.
Tony DENISONNoon destiny.Deny notions.
David DENMANDivan demand.
Tony DENMANDon't any men?Not many end.End antonym.
Brian DENNEHYHey, ban dinner.
Charles DENNERScreen handler.Her nerd cleans.Lend arch sneer.
Richard DENNINGNigh rancid nerd.Grind darn niche.
Kat DENNINGSSending tank.Skinned gnat.Kind gannets.
Sandy DENNISDays Inn ends.
Reginald DENNYRandy, in legend.Danny lingered.Ending dry lane.
Catherine DENTCheated intern.Indecent heart.Decent hairnet.
Vernon DENTVent on nerd.
Gerard DEPARDIEUUpgrade a derider.
Guillaume DEPARDIEUDeluge impaired luau.Adieu plagued Muriel.
Julie DEPARDIEUAid puerile Jude.
Johnny DEPPPhoney NJ PD.
Joe DeRITAI adore jet.I jeer toad.Jet or idea.
Emilie DEQUENNEI'm equine needle.Dim Queen Eileen.Need equine lime.
Bo DEREKBreed OK.Kerb ode.
John DEREKHoned jerk.
Bruce DERNRue CB nerd.Burn creed.
Laura DERNAural nerd.Lunar dear.And a dear.
Debi DERRYBERRYDry reed bribery.
Michael DES BARRESCheerlesss barmaid.Reassembled chair.Admires bleachers.
Bash idle screamer.Caramelised herbs.Charisma bleeders.
Anne DeSALVOAndean loves.Leave on sand.Leaden novas.
Stanley DeSANTISDainty staleness.Analyse dentists.Destiny sealants.
Nastily assented.Inanest sad style.
Alex DESCASAxed scales.
Emily DESCHANELLacily enmeshed.All cheesy denim.Heed manic yells.
Zooey DESCHANELChoose lazy need.Cease holy dozen.Echoed sleazy No.
Florence DESHONCondone herself.Consoled Hefner.Hence fools nerd.
William DESMONDMellow mind aids.Down dismal mile.Slim, idled woman.
Ivan DESNYSandy vine.Snide navy.
Amanda DETMERMan-made trade.Dream mandate.Ardent madame.
William DEVANEIn medieval law.Wild, naive male.Evil man wailed.
Paula DeVICQCave lad quip.VIP equal cad.
Aidan DEVINEAnd die naive.Envied naiad.An envied aid.
Andy DEVINEAn envy died.Denied navy.
Loretta DEVINENoted relative.Venerated toil.A tender violet.
Danny DeVITODo end vanity.Tend any void.Avid Tony end.
Richard DEVONCon had driver.Overdid ranch.A driven chord.
Dorothy DEVOREOver odd theory.
Emmanuelle DEVOSMale model venues.Lemons devalue me.
Patrick DEWAEREWrecked pirate.Predate wackier.Caretaker wiped.
Colleen DEWHURSTCruelest when old.Consult wheedler.
Rosemary DeWITTEstimated worry.So witty dreamer.To weird mastery.
A drowsy termite.So draw temerity.My weirdo treats.
Met stray weirdo.Wry maestro edit.Writes arty mode.
Noureen DeWULFUnwound feeler.New or unfueled?We unfurled one.
Brad DEXTERExtra bed, Dr.Bred X-rated.
Elliott DEXTERExert old title.Extorted ill E.T.It exerted toll.
Susan DEYSays "nude"Deny as us.
Cliff DeYOUNGDefy fun logic.Do guff nicely.Defy UFO cling.
Ayesha DHARKERHarked hearsay.Rear shaky head.Yeah, shark dare!
Caroline DHAVERNASArachnoid enslaver.Rash novel radiance.So enhanced arrival.
Hold saner variance.Her Draconian slave.None rival charades.
Patterson DIALAnd polite star.So rapid talent.No paid starlet.
Chris DIAMANTOPOULOSIdolatrous champions.Spousal mitochondria.No parasitic hoodlums.
This malodorous panic.Pool satanic dishumor.Ditch poisonous alarm.
Plot odious anarchism.Rapid macho solutions.Parsimonious old chat.
Reed Edward DIAMONDAdored weird demand. Rewarded odd maiden.Demanded wider road.
Admired, now dreaded.Admire drowned dead.
Cameron DIAZNo media czar.Domain craze.Amazon cried.
Guillermo DIAZMug lazier idol.A glum idolizer.
Melonie DIAZLionize dame.Idolize name.Demonize Ali.
Leonardo DiCAPRIOCore paranoid idol.Cool raindrop idea.Ciao, Polaroid nerd!
George DiCENZORecognized ego.
Bobby DiCICCOBBC cob idiocy.
Andy DICKKid candy.Dinky cad.
Douglas DICKDuck dialogs.Gaol did suck.Kids dug coal.
Kim DICKENSKicks denim.Skink medic.
Angie DICKINSONGained ink icons.Asinine docking.
Bo DIDDLEYBe idly odd.Body idled.Yodled bid.
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