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If you have been browsing the Cast Member pages, you are presented with the actor name first followed by their anactagrams. What if the presentation changed and you were given the anactagram but not the actor name? With the help of clues, you have to work out the actor name. That is the basis of the reasonably difficult, but popular, Daily Challenge.

Each day, in your email, 365 days a year, you can receive anactagram™ puzzles which use only perfect anagrams of an actor name, namely an•act•agrams, as the basis for a puzzle challenge for you to resolve. We call those puzzles the Daily Challenge, Each Daily Challenge uses anactagrams from the over 11,000 actor and actress unique anactagrams we have created.

The Daily Challenge email always has two puzzles each day:

No matter the difficulty of each puzzle, you will always be able to solve every puzzle, without exception, with either the information given to you as clues in the Challenge or with a simple Internet cast list lookup. Check the How to Play details.

To view a full week of past Daily Rushes Challenges, please click on the following links, in order through the week because each successive day has the answers to the previous day. Also, the difficulty increases from one star on Monday through to seven stars on Sunday.

Subscribe for just $23.99 for a full year, that's 365 Daily Challenges for less than 50 cents a week. If you would rather subscribe for just 3 months ($9.99) or maybe 6 months ($14.99) you can do so. But, subscribing for 6 months saves you almost 25% vs. paying for two 3-month subscriptions. Even better, a 12-month subscription saves you 20% vs. paying for two 6-month prescriptions and 40% vs. paying for four 3-month subscriptions.

Once you are a current subscriber, you can also refer your friends and receive a one-time referral fee per friend who is not an existing or past subscriber and who pays their first subscription fee:

  • $1.99 for a 3 month paid subscription from your referral
  • $3.99 for a 6 month paid subscription from your referral
  • $7.99 for a 12 month paid subscription from your referral

When you do subscribe, please consider that we have put literally thousands of hours into developing the an•ACT•agrams and Daily Challenges and it would not be fair to us for you to forward those you receive on to non-subscribers. Much better to receive referral fees!