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Where else but here can you find anagrams of over 11,000 actor/actress names online?

ANACTAGRAM™ is a new word coined by us to accurately represent anagrams of an actor or actress name. For example, a representative Anactagram is shown by the letters in the actress name "Christina Applegate" which can also exactly spell "Appealing Theatrics."

The ANACTAGRAM™ concept is proprietary (see THE LEGAL STUFF) and is currently in the process of being even more fully developed as a MULTIMEDIA collection of games and puzzles that can be played anywhere and in many forms, ranging from solitaire to a multi-team version, on paper, in books, newspaper puzzle corners, orally, online, on-screen and on television, and all other media derivatives. At the appropriate time, details of each newly added version may appear on this website.

Anactagrams on this site have all been copyright registered at the Library of Congress Copyright Office, as have the different media versions also developed.

We have restricted the number of words used in each Anactagram, where possible, to no more than one word more than the number of words in the full name of the actor/actress. In no case have we gone beyond a four word Anactagram.

We have also avoided use of Anactagrams that we know for sure have been published elsewhere, such as "Presbyterians" for Britney Spears, probably the most over-quoted celebrity anagram ever.

To see your favorite Actor Anactagrams right now, please click CAST MEMBERS here or to the left, in the menu list. The Anactagrams are sorted by last name and listed in their appropriate alphabetic range. The current online list of about Actors and Actresses is the result of creation, development and culling of over 1,500,000 anagrams of actor/actress names to get the best Anactagrams. On average, there are two Anactagrams listed per actor/actress which means, for every two we included here, we rejected seventy. In fact, around one in thirty actors/actresses have no acceptable Anactagrams at all.

Have we included some bad Anactagrams, one's that don't flow well when read? Yes we have, for a simple reason. Most actors would probably prefer any publicity over no publicity. For the weird words we have had to use to get an Anactagram, we have published a page of definitions called Make Up? to prove they are real words. That lower standard of published Anactagram applies to the Cast Members list only. Once we consider using Anactagrams in the Multimedia categories, only those with good and flowing Anactagrams make the cut. 

This website will always be a work in progress as we develop more and more Anactagrams. Over the course of many more months, this online Anactagram proprietary database will have expanded even more, so please come back often to see the latest Anactagram additions.