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Anthony Daniels  ...C-3POAliens not handy.And insanely hot.
Kenny Baker...R2-D2Knee by rank.
Alec Guinness...Obi-Wan KenobiGenius cleans.Nun's legacies.
Unease clings.
Ewan McGregor...Obi-Wan Kenobi   Crewmen aggro.Grew mega corn.
David Prowse...Darth VaderOverdid swap.View sad drop.
Voided wraps.Odd spiv wear.
Was odder VIP.Waived drops.
James Earl Jones  ...Darth Vader (v)Jeers lame Jonas. 
Sebastian Shaw...Darth Vader
...Anakin Skywalker
Banish as waste.Saw as absinthe.
Wash base stain.
Jake Lloyd...Anakin SkywalkerAlly joked.
Hayden Christensen   ...Anakin SkywalkerThis enhanced
Shy snide
Nanny sheds
Peter Mayhew...ChewbaccaWhy permeate?Weep at rhyme.
Harm weepy E.T.
Mark Hamill...Luke SkywalkerI'm hallmark.All mark him.
Aidan Barton...Luke SkywalkerI abandon rat.No brain data.
An adroit ban.A drab nation.
Carrie Fisher...Princess LeiaFierier crash.Fair cherries.
Cashier firer.
Harrison Ford...Han SoloHonors fair Dr.Di fans horror.
Natalie Portman...Padme AmidalaA normal patient.Ample tarnation.
Rampant elation.Ornamental pita.
Not partial amen.An important ale.
Am pain tolerant.No patient alarm.
Frank Oz...YodaZonk far.
Silas Carson...Ki-Adi-Mundi
...Nute Gunray
Assail scorn.Scan air loss.
Samuel L. Jackson...Mace WinduMull one jackass.Cajun oak smells.
Local's same junk.Mass junk locale.
Liam Neeson...Qui-Gon JinnAlien omens.On same line.
Oilman seen.
Ian McDiarmid...Sheev PalpatineAdd darn mimic.Rid manic maid.
Ray Park...Darth MaulPray ark.
Peter Serafinowitz...Darth Maul (v)Few patronize sites.Patriot wins freeze.
Protest zanier wife.We patronize strife.
Christopher Lee...Count DookuRepel the choirs.Helicopters her.
Help heroic rest.
Oliver Ford Davies...Sio BibbleDisfavor evildoer.Lover I disfavored.
Revive frail dodos.
Ahmed Best...Jar Jar Binks (v)Debt shame.Best themes.
Mad behest.
Brian Blessed...Boss Nass (v)Sensible bard.Beer and bliss.
Hugh Quarshie...Captain PanakaRisque hag, huh?Huge Iraq hush.
Keira Knightley...SabeLike hearty king.
Terence Stamp...Chancellor Valorum Meant respect.Can't pester me.
Mere pets can't.
Jimmy Smits...Bail Organa~CRF~
Jay Laga'aia...Captain Typho~CRF~
Peter Cushing...Grand Moff TarkinPrescient hug.Repugn ethics.
I purge stench.Septic hunger.
Creeping shut.Guest pincher.
Wayne Pigram...Grand Moff TarkinPawn imagery.A wimpy range. 
Epigram yawn.My pagan wire.
Kenneth Colley...Admiral PiettNeck the lonely.Only net heckle.
Denis Lawson...Wedge AntillesWon sad lines.Downs saline.
Owned snails.
David Ankrum...Wedge Antilles (v)Via mad drunk.Am drunk diva.
Billy Dee Williams...Lando CalrissianSillily blew media.Wildly able simile.
Mails libel widely.
Caroline Blakiston...Mon MothmaColonialist banker.Brain-like collants.
Bilocation rankles.Soak not brilliance.
Not anaerobic skill.Slick national bore.
OK local inebriants.Collaberate in sink.
Genevieve O'Reilly...Mon MothmaGiven lovelier eye.Revile eleven yogi.
Timothy M. Rose...Admiral AckbarTo this memory.Room site myth.
Omit my others.It's myth, Romeo.
To shirty memo.The misty moor.
Erik Bauersfeld...Admiral Ackbar (v)
...Bib Fortuna (v)
Bardlike refuse.Failed rebukers.
Rude life breaks.Refuse abler kid.
Fear bulk desire.Lure fake brides.
Sure dark belief.Frauds like beer.
Warwick Davis...Wicket W. Warrick  Wicks diva raw.
Matthew Wood...General Grievous (v)   What wet mood.Ohm owed watt?
Two who'd mate.Wow that demo.
Paul Blake...GreedoA pale bulk.All bake up.
Larry Ward...Greedo (v)
...Jabba the Hutt (v)
Jeremy Bulloch...Boba FettMuch jolly beer.Homely LBJ cure.
Jason Wingreen...Boba Fett (v)Gonna win jeers.Join newer snag.
New saner jingo.Rejoin new nags.
Jeering no swan.Join new ranges.
Daniel Logan...Boba FettLoan dealing.Non-legal aid.
Glad no alien.No genial lad.
An angel idol.Loading elan.
A long denial.An alien gold.
Michael Carter...Bib FortunaI charm treacle.Catch mere liar.
Her miracle act.The racier calm.
Reclaim the car.Catchier realm.
Character mile.Marital creche.
Temuera Morrison...Jango FettNo steamier rumor.  Minus mere orator.
Ruin master Romeo.  Numerator is more.
Monitor measurer.Manure motoriser.
Leeanna Walsman...Zam WesellAll wanna enemas?
Phil Brown...Owen Lars~CRF~
Joel Edgerton...Owen LarsLonged to jeer.
Shelagh Fraser...Beru Whitesun LarsHas fresh glare,Her rages flash.
Flags her share.Harsh fears gel.
Bonnie Piesse...Beru Whitesun LarsBison pie seen.Been in posies.
Ponies see bin.Noise in beeps.
Pernilla August...Shmi SkywalkerA pulsating lure.Inaugural pelts.
Andy Secombe...Watto (v)Body menaces.Mad boy scene.
Maybe second.Ace by demons.
Amen, cosy bed.My absence do.
Lewis MacLeod...Sebulba (v)Malice slowed.Male cows idle.
Lewd camisole.Welcomed sail.
E-mailed scowl.Slid a welcome.
Ronald Falk...Dexter Jettster (v)Fork and all.Dank for all.
Ran old flak.Dark on fall.
Rank do fall.Drank of all.
Jack Thompson...Cliegg Lars (v)Phantom jocks.Hm, no jackpots.

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